Since 2009, Dejan Pavlovic’s FLS-system (the color-guided-system) has been developed with the Main-Taunus-Kreis in Germany, which offers students, teachers, administrative staff and external visitors a faster orientation in the schools. In addition, security forces, such as rescue services, fire brigades and police forces, are also projected to have a simple orientation within the school buildings in order to be able to provide assistance as quickly as possible, especially in emergencies or crises.

We are constantly developing the FLS and are in direct contact with the schools and the police to implement new ideas and advice. Meanwhile, the FLS has convinced several counties and schools that this system will be in time.

In addition to the public and visible part of the FLS (door markers, entrance markers, signs, etc.), two types of FLS-standardized orientation plans are created for the police, fire brigade, and rescue services, but these are only available for internal use.

Barrier-free elements are integrated with the FLS as required. Thus we are marked barrier-free accesses to buildings on the orientation boards, and an additional form of communication can be applied to the door markers and orientation boards using Braille writing or tactile writing.

The FLS can be combined with other orientation systems.

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Our schools with the FLS


With the Farbleitsystem in schools the searched room is found up to 5 times faster. This was confirmed during several assignments in the Main-Taunus-Kreis.

With well over 70% in schools the orientation in crisis situations is deficient. The Farbleitsystem increases the safety standard and facilitates the use of the police and rescue forces.

Over 170 schools now have the Farbleitsystem in Germany. A further 40 schools will be added in 2017.